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Who Is Northfarm Studio?

Offering new technologies and best practices to optimize marketing, Northfarm Studio was established in 2016. Northfarm Studio is led by Charlie Flora who has more than 6 years of digital advertising experience with Google Premier Partners in the United States (ReachLocal) and Scandinavia (Eniro Norge). Northfarm Studio is headquarted at the start-up hub MESH in Oslo, Norway.

The New Tools of Digital Marketing

The New Tools of Digital Marketing is an opportunity for marketers in Scandinavia to learn about the latest technologies, tips and best practices in digital advertising. The first event was held Jan. 27, 2016 at MESH, the Nordic Creators' Community, in Oslo, Norway. Stay tuned for details on Night No 2.

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Dynamic Call Tracking

Telephone calls are the most popular form of conversion from mobile search - and the most valuable. While a text or email can lead to a nice chat, a voice call means business. Dynamic call tracking replaces the phone number on your web site with a different, enhanced phone number. In real time, a visitor to your site is shown one of a pool of tracking phone numbers, either local or toll free, that is tied directly to the source from which they came. Because calls typically convert to revenue 10 to 15 times more than emails or forms, this data is extemely important for advertisers and agencies wishing to generate more calls from their marketing.

Digital Advertising

Integrating search engine marketing with dynamic call tracking, analytics and state-of-the-art reporting that gives you broader insight into the performance of your campaigns. Our focus is on Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as the online display networks.

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Content Writing

Northfarm Studio delivers fresh content in English for web sites, blogs, social media and print. We write and edit for quality, relevance and originality in order to provide answers that your most profitable customers are seeking.

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