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Call Extensions 2.0

Google changes the popular location extension. Here's what you need to know

February 28, 2017

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Dynamic Call Tracking In Norway set to launch in 2017

January 15, 2017

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Call Tracking Case Study

Dynamic Call Tracking (In Norwegian)

November 04, 2016

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Moving Your Telephone Calls To Google

Northfarm Studio's Google integration sends each inbound call into Google Analytics as an event and into Google AdWords as a conversion.

October 03, 2016

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The Next Generation of Online Marketing

Two different companies take over the challenge of SMB digital marketing where ReachLocal left off

June 30, 2016

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Google vs Northfarm

Call conversion tracking choices

May 21, 2016

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Good Call

Setting Up Call Ads Utilizing Google's Best Practices

April 23, 2016

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Tire Kickers

Leads that waste your time

March 25, 2016

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Winning 'Micro Moments' With Google

Google Opens Its Doors To Search Marketers in Oslo, Norway

February 20, 2016

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New Google Partner in Scandinavia: Northfarm Studio

To qualify for Google's revamped Partner program, agencies must follow Google's best practices, run a healthy business and demonstrate they "are trusted by Google."

January 20, 2016

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