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Rates For Dynamic Call Tracking And Call Recording



(paid annually)

  • Dynamic call tracking + 3 tracking numbers.
  • One-time $125 set up charge.
  • Minutes and call fees not included.



(paid annually)

  • Dynamic call tracking + 6 tracking numbers.
  • One-time $125 set up charge.
  • Minutes and call fees not included.



(paid annually)

  • Minutes and call fees not included.

Link Your Marketing Calls To:

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2 facebook f881bff0b6c350371db8a2fe35beb4efd3ce87fd93a66ee26ad2e663a33431cc
3 bing eedcd87795f25eb27f392ab0e1bcd51b55e1ec715b5c3880afbbc59ce301cd0b
4 linkedin a4cc02a020b9835128fcd0c79dc9ead67c6e895abd1af834f9d4d0600260634c
5 yahoo 836c30ca0113bcac9f97df9b6ca88da8ebce72ff825cdadd44735cecc27908de
6 youtube 8e94622facd8ec896b66d9ba526b390514e165566b1ef964ac27cfa05f80862a
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How Dynamic Call Tracking Works

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Tracking Code

Northfarm integrates call tracking into your website by displaying a unique phone number for each source, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other website. Once you submit your information, our software goes to work, generating a snippet of javascript code that needs to be placed on every page of your web site. The code is programmed to look for the phone number on your web site, wherever it exists.

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Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic call tracking replaces the phone number on your web site with a different, enhanced phone number. In real time, a visitor to your site is shown one of a pool of tracking phone numbers, either local or toll free, that is tied directly to the source from which they came. As an example, visitors who reach your web site from Google AdWords are shown 555-1212, while visitors who arrive from Bing Ads would see 555-1213.

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Call Tracking and Recording

Each tracked phone call routes directly to you, just like a regular phone call. The difference is that all of the triggering events (source, ad campaign, keyword) are also delivered to you along with the call. You can have this information pushed to you immediately by text. You could also retrieve this data via email and by logging in to the app or website. You can even view the call live in your browser while logged in.

A recording of each telephone conversation between your customer and your business is available to you so that you can evaluate whether the phone call was relevant, handled correctly or was even connected. Because privacy laws in Norway enable the customer to opt-out, not all calls will be recorded.

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