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Northfarm Studio helps companies in Norway communicate their brand message and mission effectively in English.

As former journalists in the US, we see all sorts of typos on most Norwegian websites that have an English language version. For the most part, it is just minor stuff, like changing an “are” to an “is” or swapping out a strange word that sounds great in Norwegian but does not make sense in English.

While most Norwegians speak near flawless English, the writing part can be a little tricky. On the web, you have just five seconds to make a good impression. Do not waste time getting lost in translation.

We can rewrite your entire web site, or simply publish keyword-rich and relevant blogs on an ongoing basis. We write and edit for quality, relevance and originality in order to provide answers that your most profitable customers are seeking.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Northfarm Studio has been consulting with small and large companies in Scandinavia since 2015.

Give us a call or stop by our office at MESH in downtown Oslo to discuss a content marketing strategy for you.

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We also speak, read, and write Norwegian which helps to understand the essence and meaning when one is doing translations

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